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If you need to make flash banners with animated effects and at the same time with normal kerning - Welcome! Here you can create SWF banners less than 5 minutes with shock wave flash text effects. You don't need any skills to create flash animation with SWF-generator wizard. All flash banners with text effects can be create very easily in several easy steps, and doesn't require installed Adobe AIR software on your laptop or tablet PC.

You can create banners with full banner size 728x90 or coose classic size banner 468x60 pixels. If you need create custom size header or mobile flash banner, you can set needed size with Custom size banner maker.

For advertisement of your business outside the United States, you can create banners on any language, supported by banner maker. Banners created by SWF creator fully compatible with Windows, Linux and Android OS if Adobe Flash Player was installed. Flash banner generator embeds font into SWF file. No need download and install national fonts or to install support for other languages. Multilingual text of flash banners will remain readable, even if laptops of web-surfers haven't support of banner text language. Flash banner maker supports embedding clickTAG variable for Ad-serving networks.

If you want to make transparent SWF banner for your professional work, you need to know that this task can be resolved by editing the HTML-code for any SWF file. For more details see HTML code for placing transparent flash banner

You can create all flash banners completely free and without registration.

Updates history:
10-June-2015 - Our Web Site Privacy Policy was modified. You can also manage Cookie files and similar technologies
13-Nov-2013 - Site is fully functional.
23-Oct-2013 - Site moved on new hosting. We are tune generators scripts and banner creation temporarily disabled.
10-May-2013 - Kazakh alphabet support was added.
24-Nov-2012 - You can make banners from Android mobile browsers, including Opera Mobile in full site view mode only.
28-Oct-2012 - New release of banner creator with custom size banner, gradient background and multiple animated effects is dedicated to the International Animation Day and 110th Anniversary of first animation creation by Emile Reynaud.
03-Sep-2012 - Size of produced banners was reduced. Small bug with download time was fixed.
01-Sep-2012 - Now you can choose between banner size. Make 728x90 leaderbord header or classic size 468x60 banner.
30-Jan-2012 - Only banner text can be indexed by SE.
08-Jan-2012 - Small fix for viewing banners in IE.
20-Nov-2011 - Extended cyrillic character set added.
19-Jun-2011 - Now, you can make banner links for dynamic web-pages.
28-May-2011 - You can easily make flash banners with clickTAG.

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